San Rafael Swell Trail Info Requested

We are trying to get specific info on the trail system in the Price and Emery county area. We are putting together a ride this week and could use some assistance from out TT friends since none of us have been in this area. The closest we have been is Moab and we absolutely love that area. :naughty:

Trail descriptions, trail maps, and trail advice for the Dick Brass trail system are what we are in need of. I have searched the site and found pieces of info, but nothing specific. We are advanced riders on WR426s and WR450s.

Please advise

Do you have a GPS? Ddialogue has the ride we did 1 1/2 weeks ago in the Swell all mapped out. We did Eagle Canyon, North Coal Wash and Devils Race Track. Then gassed up and rode Lone Man, Red Trail and Blue Trail after that which goes around the 5MOH.

To access these trails, you can go West of Green River on I-70 to Exit 131 and head West on the dirt Road. The first part of our ride was on the North side of I-70. The Dick Brass trail system, Red, Blue, Orange, 5MOH and Lone Man are on the South Side.

There is also some very good riding in the Gobblin Valley area as well.

I also put a video of part of the ride in the Video Forum.

Here's a little more info on this linke there's a couple maps on the page click on the thumbnails.

San Rafael Swell

Vmax, One of the riders in my group has a GPS. It would be great if I could get the GPS file from you. E-mail it to my e-mail account at

Thanks a bunch. :naughty:

Rush66, Great link. Thanks for the help. :naughty:

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