too much front brake?

Well I upgraded to a stainless steel front brake line, and Motul 600 and now I have plenty, if not too much, front brake.

Before I could lock up the front wheel with a solid pull on the lever but it happened a bit delayed. Now, if I grab a handfull I can lock up the front wheel with half the effort, even when on cement. Is this normal? do I simply need to re-adjust my braking and maybe move the lever in a bit?



Sounds normal to me...

My KLX front is super sensitive. The YZ less so. I might have some air in the YZ line. I'm going to keep it in there.

palmdale, the YZ front is less sensitive because of the cheap stock plastic brake line I'd be willing to bet. If you put an SS line on, it would be world's better. I went the extra mile on my 00 and put a Honda CRF master cylinder on with a CR style SS line and it made a HUGE difference.

Sounds normal.....that's the whole purpose of going to steel on a sportbike.

no such thing as "too much front brake"

the crappy plastic has a tendency to expand thus the delayed reaction... w/ the stainless steel or braided line you have less tendency to expand if any so when you pull the lever... WHAM the fluid is there...

no such thing as "too much front brake"

true true true..

wrong. :naughty::D:D:D:cry::naughty:

Sorry to hijack.....

But the problem with the 2000 model bikes is the crappy Akebono master cylinder. The stainless lines helps, but swapping the MC for a newer Nissin unit makes for some crazy braking.

I'll sell you my Akebono MC if you really want to soften your braking :naughty:

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