regulator and lighting power?

I recentely hooked my lights back up on my Wr as I am selling the bike and found them not to work. I measured the DC voltage at one of the lighting power wires and found no DC voltage just AC. I pulled off the regulator and dug the PCB out of the rubber that is surrounding it. I measured the transistor and all diodes and they seemed ok. There is a SCR in there that does all the work so I replaced that. I hooked it all back up only to find that both halogen globes were blown and thats why it didnt work in the first place. I got new bulbs and the lights worked. I put all the indicators back on and they all worked until I revved the bike and the globes blew. I measured the voltage out of the regulator and there was still no DC, but up around the 20-30v AC mark. I am pretty sure that regulator is dead and causing this high ac voltage to be generated.

Anyone know voltage (AC or DC) should be coming out.


In stock trim your WR will be putting out AC current not DC, so no problems there. The voltage is too high suggesting that your regulator unit is at fault.


before springing for a new regulator make sure that the unit is properly grounded or it will not function properly.

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