Wr400 F 4th Gear Noise

Has anyone experienced problems with 4th. I am experiencing a chattering noise whike in this gear. It selects fine and stays there. Just a rough noise. Is this the first sign of loosing 4th, or is it something to just deal with??.

A WR400 with a gearbox noise ? Pull it apart and fix real,real quick. Yams are reknowned for their fragile boxes in these bikes. Fix it before it damages crank/barrel/piston as the last one to blow in our area did.

Put it up on the stand, put it in fourth, pull the clutch in and roll the back tire BACKWARDS. You'll feel the chunked gear as the gearbox rolls over. Do it it all the gears...you'll really hear the ones that have given up the ghost!

I lost 4th on mine a year or so ago.

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