Mixture screw AKA ???

I have been reading early posts about the mixture screw in 05 WR 450. I have been told that with the free mods done, I am probably running a little lean. However, the manual does not list a "mixture screw" in the carb diagram.

Can anyone tell me what the part would be called in the manual so that I can change out to a zip T. Is it going to be difficult to get to? Help with location and diagram would be usefull too.

Do a search in this forum for "fuel screw" and you'll get all kinds of good info.

Part of getting green stickered on the '05 was to make the idle mixture screw inaccessible. Fortunately, this is easy to overcome. Looking at the bottom of the carb, there is a tower with an aluminum plug over it. Remove the plug and you'll have access to the screw. Carefully drill a small hole in the plug, thread a sheet metal screw into it enough to let you pop the plug out. The screw will be visible underneath it.

Thank You, for the map. Sounds like the carb is going to have to come off.

#24, pilot screw set, on Yamaha's online 'fiche.

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