Backfire screen needed?

so i have a bunch of airfilters for my 650 but one had the screen attached to it with glue and the filter was trash. kept the screen but do I really need to use it?

Thanks guys


oh yeah this thing is beast, i really like it, nice step up from the 91 600. Now i can improve!!!

damage for 1 day of riding-

removed my sharkfin, by breaking the mount that also holds the caliper, and snapped the screw to the swingarm. How did that rock happen to meee???? :D

lost the seat, well it fell off, my fault must not have locktited those bolts :naughty::naughty::D

it sucks when you are climbing a hill something slaps your arse then you see your seat pass you on the left. I hate being passed!!!

nice bike this one is!!!!

Sounds like a fun ride. My aftermarket sharkfin did the same thing to me. Broke the caliper mount. That's a heli-arc weld fix by the way. I have a brandy new honda disc guard that I'm mounting up for the season. I'm not spending $75 on a new rotor or $20 to have the mount welded again...

I don't use the backfire screen, Some guys do...

Just don't let it backfire, If you flood the bike, Hold the kill button while you clear it out............ :naughty:

Frank do you use something to support the filter. Like the UNI cage? Mine backfired through the carb a few times on me. It feels like the ultimate fart under the seat. Poor piggy...must've been beans in the gas... :naughty:

Tim, Yes i have a UNI filter with the frame it comes with...... :naughty:

Kewl... That's what I use. I have an Xr's only backfire screen. Haven't used it. Hopefully when I get the edelbrock there will be less burnt foam...

yeah lost the ims fin so someone is gonna be stoked on finding that!

Interesting about that screen

I might just throw it in there behind the filter foam in that case!

It also seems like it would hold the fiter more solidly.

I'm not real concerned about losing a little power, this bike has plenty for me!!!

I'm no slouch either, it just simply blows me away how much bottom end pull and top speed and power this BRP has!


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