Phoned Honda UK to report the footpeg bolt problem....and....

and ,yes,you`ve guessed it zero interest...Goes something like this:

"Hello I`d like to report a manufacturing fault relative to the HondaXR650R right handside footpeg bolts bending then breaking off which could result in death or serious injury"....."Yes Sir go on"..."Is there a system in place where I can report this officially?"....."Yes via this number"....."OK,can you record this and give me a reference number please?"..."Well no...if its a warranty claim,you`ll need to go to a dealer where he can inspect it"....."But these bikes in the UK only have a 3 month warranty whereby the fault will not show up in such a short time.I have gleaned the information from a web site,checked mine and found them bent...luckily I did`nt land after a jump or such like,have them break off and break my leg or worse....the only difference in my year 2000 bike and a 2005 are the stickers and the price so the problem will still be present"..."The dealer will check it and provide feedback to our Technical Department"...."Yes,but as there is no warranty I just want to provide information of a manufacturing problem:I took the bolts to the dealer and he just looked at them and shrugged his shoulders...he did`nt take them off me for forwarding to anyone"...."Well,thats how we deal with"..."So theres no way I can just phone up and tell Honda theres a problem".."Well its a problem in your opinion.....but it needs to be investigated by a dealer under a warranty claim"...."So if a person gets injured or killed due to this problem and litigation ensues I can`t get a reference number to prove I reported it?...."Well Sir it has to be as a warranty claim"..."I know,I`ve been with Honda for over 25 years and spent thousands on your product...I like the bikes thats why I keep buying them...I`m trying to help Honda here...not say their products are no good....just trying to provide information that they can use to rectify or even check on the production line,at least for someone somewhere to take a look..."..."I`m sorry Sir as your bike does`nt have a warranty then our dealers can`t report it"......."OK thanks for your assistance...have a nice day Madam" whirrr..... :naughty:

what foot peg problem???

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