I have solved the gas problem

:naughty: Drove to Phoenix and Back Saturday, I posted up to the inspection line, the nice woman wrote down the VIN #, no inspection, she directed me past the 200 people waiting for the drive test, BTW you think our DMV is bad go to Phoenix on a Saturday :D Anyhow 65.00 later and a little coaxing and I have an Az. plate on my BRP, :naughty: RODE WHEELIES ALL THE WAY TO WORK TODAY :D:cry: Gas? :D:D Ride On.....................

Nice :naughty::naughty: I am gonna be riding my bike pretty much every day this summer :D Gas is too much $$$ to run my truck. :D

:naughty: Good going !!!!

yeah with gas prices so high i carry a backpac and run eronds on my crotch rocket

Do you have property in Arizona that you utilized????? I've got a chunk of land with a trailer on it in Mohave Valley, can I do the same to my 650R????

Absolutely, you need only provide an address in Arizona that does not have emissions standards,I've been riding my bike to work everyday with a big shipeating grin on my face everyday............... :naughty::naughty::D

You ought to live over here with fuel at £4 a gallon!

Thanks for the inspiration! That red plate on the fender is gonna be my first mod!


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