WR450 Issue

I'm not sure if this belongs here or on the jetting forum but since I'm not sure it's jetting I'll put it here. I have a 05' WR450 with the JD kit. I'm running a 68 starter, a 68 pilot, a 170 main and the JD red needle with the clip in 3rd position and I did all of the other mods. Like I said I'm not sure if it's the jetting but if I let my bike sit at idle in neutral for more that a few seconds and then hit the throttle hard I get a major hesitation before it starts reving, sometimes it will even stall. This hasn't ever been an issue when I've been riding and I assume that's because when the motor is under load it can't rev a quickly as when it is sitting at idle but it is still something I don't like to hear. Other than that it revs great. Does this sound like a jetting issue (maybe lean out the pilot?) or something else or is it normal and I don't need to worry about it? Thanks.


Matt, your jetting and my jetting are the same, the only difference is the needle, you have a JD red and I have an 04 WR needle. Even before my AP cover it ran perfect with no hesitation to speak of. I would suggest trying your stock needle (they're fine) in the 4th pos or adjusting your JD needle, what does your instructions tell you about the needle positions? Make sure your fuel screw mix is around 2 out... Should run fine... :naughty:


Put in a 40 leak jet and try JD red needle in clip #4 :naughty: I hope you are running a 48 pilot. :naughty:

Yes, that would be a 48 pilot. Thanks for the help, I'll try the changes you recommend.


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