Finally got to ride her

Got my BRP about 2 weeks ago (2000). It is plated and fully uncorked, so I did take it down the road a ways when I first got it. Took it to a big sand pit the other day. WOW!! There isn't a hill this thing won't climb. Definately better at 20 mph + than creeping along. You say when pigs fly? Well, I had this pig flyin'. Nothing crazy, about 6 ft. up. Heavy, heavy, heavy. Clearly this bike was not made for jumping. Fast sweepers are a blast though and yes, I am pleased with the wheelieing capabilities. I can see why a lot of people have a second bike for tight woods stuff. I don't know about pig, wild boar maybe! Overall I'm happy with it. :naughty:

Glad to hear it Jonny. I think I missed your call yesterday?

Yes you did. Had question about oil change, figured it out though. I'm having surgery on my ear tomorrow so I won't be riding for a couple of weeks. As soon as I can though we'll have to hook up and do some roto tillin'. :naughty:

Glad to hear you enjoying your BRP, I ride mine tite woods, just takes a while to get used to it.......... :naughty:

Sounds like your grin factor is rite up there.. :D:naughty:

Damn straight jonny. Let me know when. I'm going out on the maiden voyage this weekend. Lots of mods to test out.

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