Question about speedometer

I have a street legal '92 XR600R, It has a regular round speedometer hooked up to the trip cable. The speedometer is not working. I replaced the cable and it still does not work. I noticed when I spin the front wheel with the cable off the little shaft doesnt turn in the gear box on the front hub. Do you think I need a new gear box or is it possible that whoever installed the front bearings last time didnt do something right?



Lose the cable and get the Trailtech electronic, it works great :naughty:

That link goes to a trailer manufacturer??? :naughty:

Try search trailtech computers on yahoo....It's the Panoram model about 75.00 installs in 1 hour.

Before buying a trail tech speedo try and make your stock speedo work i have a trial tech on two of my bikes and can't stand them!!! there very slow reading and small plus the batterys go dead way to fast


good luck!

Mine works flawlessly... :naughty:

Put a trail tech on my BRP for baja and it works great, mileage and speed are extremely accurate.

It's common on the Honda speedo drives for the two plastic nibs on the gear to wear flat. The corresponding ones on the wheel are metal . The part from the dealer is probably about 15$ now and an easy fix. When you take the drive apart, also clean and regrease the whole assembly. It's about a one hour job total.

Thanks. Thats the answer I was looking for!

I second the TrailTech. The only issue I have is that the speedo display is overly sensitive to changes in speed, the update rate could be reduced or averaged over the last couple of updates.

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