04 Yz450F selling PRICE?

Hey guys...moving to VaBch soon..Not to many places to ride out there, so its time to graduated back to something that hops on water :D My question is this..My YZ450 honestly has 5 tanks of gas run through it. with 2 oil changes. This bike is perfect. New treads front, back. Is asking 4800.00 to much for my bike? thanks guys.


That might be kinda high. I bought mine new in Dec 2004 for $5000 OTD. You can try to get $4800 for it. You can always come down if you don't get any calls. It depends on where you are at too.

4200-4500 :naughty:

I am hoping to get $3000 for my 03 at the near end of summer

It will be hard to sell at 4800.00 when Yamaha is selling new bikes for 5000.00 with no payments for 6 months...

When I sold bikes is was shocking to see how many people cared nothing about the total price. The magic word was ..."HOW MUCH IS THAT PER MONTH!!!" I woudl bet that half the people cared only about t monthly payment. Occasionally a smart person would consider only the bottom line, but it was rare.

Oddly enough the bottom line price guys always had good credit.

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