lighting coil

I'm looking for a lighting coil for a YZ426 ,02 I,ve had this bike since new and oh what a bike I live in Ireland and no body seems to know how to convert it to a road bike (supermoto) I don't have to much money so looking to see if there is a cheap way to do this, please can anyone help?

Hello mate, yeah i have the exact same bike and just about finished doing the exact same mods.

I have just fitted the Hot-Cam mod and the lighting coil on Saturday. Have a look here this is where i bough the coil from.. (not too sure if they deliver to Ireland though)

Here are the latest pics of my bike being converted...

There are endless upgrades and mods for these bikes, if you need any more info just ask.

Daz :naughty:

The cheapest lighting coil I know of is the L38 from Electrex USA at 45watt power output. Or if you want to spend a bit more for higher wattage, you can get the modified WR flyweel and stator from the same guys. The highest output I have heard of is the E-Line from Baja Designs and it puts out 180watts at the expense of some horsepower. Baja Designs makes a complete bolt on Duel Sport kit that might interest you.

I have the E-line stator, and I see no loss of HP! the 11 onces of flywheel weight mellowed out the attitude a bit, But I certainly light up the desert better then most stock enduros, Acerbis Diamond head light.

whats the address for this complete dual sport kit.. not sure if i want to go full out dual sport with my yz but a headlight would be pretty cool to do some night riding..

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