yz timing dvp 4# 45pilot 168 main want to run a HS tomorow will this jetting be OK

I just changed my timing, went to get a 178 main but they didn't have one, would the 168 be safe to run..

slow tight track 2nd 3rd gear...

still have the wr silencer no baffle..

seems to run ok but top end is a little weak..


Yes, the 168 can be run without a problem. A friend ran 2 years on his WR without ever changing out the 168 on YZ timing. Part of it on the same exhaust.



The entire set up sounds a little lean to me unless you are at altitude. DVP #5 and a 48PJ with the fuel screw at 1.0 to 1.5.. You can probably get by with the MJ at 168 but with the DVP I would not run less than a 172 with a t175 to 180 preferred.


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