header dent removal

I managed to dent the crap out of my power bomb ti header yesterday . I have heard that there are guys that can remove dents out of 2 stroke pipes with a little pressure and heat . Can anyone recommend someone who can do it for a four stroke titanium header? I am not afraid to ship, more afraid of having to buy a new header. It seems to run fine, but I'd like to remove it if at all possible. Thanks for your help.

I did the same thing this weekend - I just sent mine off to Pacific Crest Pipe repair - 50.00 repaired :naughty:

Thank you Garret Berg..

I just followed Motoman393's directions to a T and everything worked just fine.


http://motoman393.thumpertalk.com/...tech articles...engine

I tried Motoman393's procedure with LP gas and mapp gas and it didn't get it hot enough! Need to use diff. heat source?

propane does not burn hot enough you must use o2/acetylene

You guys are a lot braver than I :naughty:

Just the thought of pressurizing the pipe while heating it gives me the chills. Can you say "Pipe Bomb"!

did it heaps of times with my old 2-smoke, though as the std ti header on my 04 450 is thinner I use less pressure and a smaller tip in the oxy, it's easy as pie. Just remember to wire the plug onto the pipe or vice/bench so if it does pop out it doesnt fly off an damage something or someone

I did it on my Ti stock 450 head pipe and propane was enough heat for the dent I had.

Hey guys....don't ask me why but I always video this kind of crap. When I did my dent removal, per Motoman393's website, I went ahead and video taped it. If you guys are interested you can view the video here.

MW's Dent "B" Gone

i had a bad dent on my fmf powerbomb type header. id read that some folk did GB's mod on their Ti pipe, so i asked a local metallurgist for his opinion. (now keep in mind that i did exactly what he recommended against doing!)

he said that titanium will pollute really easily from oxygen when hot, plus steel gives or yields when heated, it becomes weak, and the air pressure you put into the pipe will easily push out the dent. titanium does not have this beneficial quality. he said there was a good chance that the metal would heat until it glowed, and then maybe blow out under the air pressure, or just make a hole.

i was worried about it, but decided to give it a try anyway. i plugged up my pipe by using sprinkler fittings, glued in with gorilla glue. on the head end i found a 90 degree white sched 40 type fitting, that had a diameter close to the pipe, and its other end had a threaded hole for attaching the air chuck.

for the tail end of the pipe, i found a 2" pop up sprinkler was a perfect tapered fit. (you just need to screw in a 1/2" plug into the water inlet.)

i put my compressor on the end of it, and started adding pressure. BOOM. it sent the 2" pop up about 200 feet across a few yards. too much of a hurry to wait the 24hrs for the glue to dry. boner.

i re-glued it and waited the mandatory time.

better luck. i added up to 80 psi as garrett suggests, and bought a pencil type torch, as i could put the heat in a pinpoint exactly where i wanted it. it was getting dark, and i could clearly see it glowing (despite being colorblind!) it did not yield. i got worried. i pulled out the larger plumbing torch, using map gas, (the hot kind!) i was a bit apprehensive about the oxy torch due to the concerns about contamination of the Ti, which makes it weak.

the plumbing torch was not a very localized tool, adding flame to a bigger area than necessary. but after some time trying to be careful, nothing was happening. then i decided screw it i need a new one anyway... i pumped up the pressure to 120psi (my maximum) and i roasted the crap out of it. the dent came right out. not perfect, but very acceptable. my dent was a very angular deep pointy dent. now its just a ripply spot. fascinating project, and saved money.

Plug one end of pipe. Fill with water and plug the other end. Put the whole thing in the freezer and keep checking on it till dent is gone.

I did the same thing this weekend - I just sent mine off to Pacific Crest Pipe repair - 50.00 repaired :D

Just got it back and boy it is almost perfect - you can not tell it was smashed - small blemish that is barely visible. Came back with a nice letter stating appreciation for the business - you do not see this kind of customer service anymore!!!!! :naughty:

White Bros wanted $229.00 for a new header pipe - crazy :naughty:

Pacific Crest Thanks


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