XR 650L Front wheel bearings - How to remove?

I've gotten the front wheel off and am down to the bearings themselves - how do you punch out the bearings to install the new ones :naughty: ? Thanks

You've gotta try and catch a lip on one of the bearings via the opposite side. It's tought to do. You could also try a bearing punch. The sizes should be in the manual. As long as you can get a punch of some type past the collar and caught ont he bearing just wak away. Sometimes an extension with the right size socket on the end does the trick. You just gotta clear the collar and hit the beaing.

I used a bolt from hardware store. Not sure of name . Its a stud with a nut and when you tighten it flairs out a sleeve .Its for installing studs in concrete. Find the right dia. sleeve on stud and tinghten in bearing then knock out from opposite side > Works like a charm. :naughty:

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