Where to buy a power up kit for 650R

Is there some place I can buy a power up kit, or is it a build your own kind of deal?



Check the classifieds here on TT. I saw one there yesterday.

Do you just want to uncork it or bump up the compression and change cams.. :naughty:

Either way try ( Service Honda ).........

Power up kit.

That can mean three things:

1) a simple 'uncorking' procedure that includes replacing the OEM parts with other Honda parts that include less- restricted muffler, intake manifold, airbox, re-jetting the carb, and removing the smog pump in Cali. Very common procedure on the BRP.

2) a Honda HRC performance kit that includes a heavy duty cam chain, high compression piston, cam, outline of a performance exhaust, and related parts. In the USA its available from Honda of Thousand Oakes in California (the sole USA importer of all HRC performance parts). These are the performance parts made by Honda for racing the 650R. Very common on Baja race bikes.

3) then there is the option of putting in non-HRC/Honda performance parts. Kibblewhite valves, a 680 piston from Wiseco, a Carilo rod, XR's Only cam, performance exhaust, and edelbrock carb being the most common - but theres lots more. These parts can also be used with some of the HRC/Honda parts (like the cam chain) to personalize a bikes performance.

A few guys have gone all the way and put all the stuff on. It makes for a wild ride.

hope that helps.

Thanks for the info guys. I just picked up a 2000 model that is bone stock and needs to be uncorked. I stumbled across "the pig pen" and found a list of part numbers for the carb needle, jets, etc. and basic uncorking instructions. That should get me started.


What part of Texas are you from? Just curious, I'm near Dallas.

Dripping Springs. Not many places close by to ride my WR450, so I'm gonna dual sport a pig. :naughty:

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