Fork Seal Leak - replace metals or not?

My 02 WR 426 fork seals finally started leaking, so I've done the easy part, (torn them down for inspection). The manual recommends new slide metal and "piston" metal as well as the seals. The metals look good to me, no unusual scores or wear. Do you guys always change these out or is it a waste of money? The bike's a few years old but fairly low mileage.

Thanks for any feedback. TM

Just change the oil and dust seals, dont worry about the metal slides.

My 99 WR still had all the coating on it. I just changed the oil, seal, and the dust wiper. :naughty:

:naughty: Finished the job tonight, hope to try them out this weekend. New oil seals, dust seals and oil. Total cost about $100.

Note about fork seal driver. I found a $0.49 ABS 1.5" pipe coupling at TSC, chamfered one end and sectioned a 1/4 of it away so it shaped like a "C". It snapped over the tube and fit nice, a soft hammer helped to tap the coupling to seat the washer / metal, and the seal was then seated with hand pressure only using the same tool.

For anyone contemplating this, it was the first time I've done an inverted fork and I'd say it went pretty smooth following the manual. A proper seal driver here is $99 + tax. Or you can cheap out like I did and spend 2 bits.

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