Changing Colors???????????

Sorry Blue Brothers............

I'll be switching Teams soon.........

But, I don't know???????????

What would you do??????

Red or Yellow 450F :naughty:


I think you will regret leaving the winning team! I know I wouldn't want to be on the other side of the fence. :naughty:

I changed colors! I have orange plastic on the 'ol 426. The Katoomers come over and ask how I like my K....... Hey wait a minute! It gives me a chuckle, but then agian I'm dull.

Hope you've done your homework on both bikes before you buy something different. Suzuki bikes are still prone to blow the top end, 4 valves, not 5 like Yamaha. Hondas are still having issue as well with the crf 450. I am friends with all the shops here where I live, Yamaha has the least amount of rebuilds with 4 strokers here. Honda can't keep enough parts on the shelf, and Suzuki is still waiting for parts from last year on some bikes that needed masive work to the RMZ 450. So the choice is your my fellow rider, you can ride it like you stole it, or watch from your truck in the parking lot.

Thats my 2 cents. Goodluck either way. :naughty:

Then get the @#$% off of this forum! Ask the other brands wich bike you should buy! :naughty:

Then get the @#$% off of this forum! Ask the other brands wich bike you should buy! :naughty:

Take a deep breath and count to ten. Anyone can post on this forum including people that don't share your views. :naughty:

I ride with lots of differnet brands and red ,green,yellow or orange all seem to have lots more "issues" than blue.

What for me, Yamaha is hasta siempre, whether you realize it or not :naughty:

red and blue.... least probs out of all of them

The Zuke has less gears (4) and a lower high gear, so if top speed is the need, go red. Some 2 stroke RMs had poor clutches but the RMZ 400s were good. The CR has valve trouble, ask Kibblewhite or the other valve guys. Some say before '05 they had pronounced front wheel push and they hold only about a quart of oil. I've ridden an '04 CR. My buddy didn't want to sell me it for fear it would have trouble (now that's a bud). It was OK but didn't knock my socks off like the magazines say. This is the way of Honda. If they made grocery baskets for the next 3 years, they'd swear the Honda was better. Too many of the magazine guys grew up on 'em. I love Yamaha for reliability and power, but I'm not blinded to anyone and don't think my brand is perfect. Sue me. All the bikes trade one thing for another. If you ride more tight stuff go Suzuki. The magazines should do a 1, 2 and 3 year later long term test for cost of ownership. I'd be afraid of to know what this sport costs- but blue holds up. The Zuke has a nice low end, smooth modulation is just as light (for that matter the same as a YZ450) + or - 2 pounds. Green is coming soon and she WILL be a beauty. Orange holds it own. For my $, If Yamaha folded up tomorrow, I'd become a Zuke man. Good luck to you either way brother. Sorry to lose you.

I have Yamahas, a RMZ 450 and bunch of other stuff....the only common element is maintanance!!!!!!!! some bikes have built in design flaws. They get corrected pretty darn fast with updated parts. My YZF 250 05 just blew up!!!! with 10 hours on it..... I have had three of them dating back to 01 and never had a single anything failure.....sometimes its just your time....take care of it and they are all pretty darm good. I do have to say I like the RMZ 450 the best. Other than my custom Harley softail....but it sucks in the air anyways!!!!!

go yellow

carmichael likes the new suzuki,but i didn't see too many other ones near the front sat.? maybe it's the rider :D oh ya, TRAITOR!!! :)

changing colors is not bad thing...I used to ride a yellow bike now I ride a blue bike....of course the yellow bike was a Yamaha :):D:D:D

The same old story, my personal view is this.

Honda is more comfortable, and stock suspension and front handling is great !!

Honda's short term reliability is poor, immediate valve adjustments and valve replacment within a year.

Yamaha,s got a high center of mass causing a poorer handling characteristic, Yamas, stock suspension takes alot of work to get where u want it.

Yamahas short term reliability is bar-none the best, zero problems (at least with my 426 & 450) just change the oil and clean the air filiter. Not even a valve adjustment. Rock solid engine performance.

Thats how I viewed the two when I decided to go with the YZF last year. And Engine strength goes with the Yama, no contest. The honda is smoother and has no punch. :)

Just my 2 pennies worth.

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