Bash/skid plate

Originally posted in General, but wondering if I get anymore response here. I am looking at buying a bash plate for my 04 YZF 450. I am mostly doing bush riding.

I really like the look of the carbon fiber and the fact that its light weight compared to aluminum. However my concern, is the carbon fiber going to take rock hits and not bust or crack etc. Do they scratch up real easy as well and look crappy after a while?

Anyone had any experience? Any brand you recommend?

I think the aluminum would be more suitable, but I haven't seen one that doesn't look like a bucket and nice and slim fitting for the YZF 450. Plus the weight is a huge difference. has a glide plate that covers your frame, but you will still need to use your stock waterpump guard. I just picked one up because my old skid plate keep collection to much mud. I don't have any expericance with carbon fiber.

I have one of the Devol Skid Plates and it protects the frame and engine. Never have had one of the carbon fiber plates.

I dont know about slim fitting but the is about bulletproof and reasonably priced. Ive got 2 of them and love them

Thanks guys for your info. I might be swinging towards a aluminum bash plate. Not sure if a carbon fiber is a proven product for a bash plate. They look damn nice but dont know if they will hold up to bush riding.

One other question. Does anyone have a picture of the Devol Glide plate fitted on a yzf 450? I have seen a picture of the actual glide plate but not fitted on the actual bike.



I have only run the carbon skid plates on my yz450 and I also do a lot of bush/creekbed riding as well as trail and mx. holds up well and is lighter than alum. but it looks like crap fast(at least when riding in bush or creek for me) getting bashed will make the edges chip sometimes and it wont look good. however I have cased it on rough rocky surfaces really hard and have yet to see any cracking. I have just come to grips that my bike looks like crap ,so I dont care how it looks as long as it performs top notch. If I were to go get an aluminum skid plate I would check out the Works Connection ones :naughty:

just my2 cents

My buddy has one of those carbon fiber skid plates and it's pretty cool but it is getting hammered on the rocks. I have a flat land racing skid plate on my 00 YZ426 and I love it, but it isn't as sleek or tight fitting as the carbon fiber plate. If mine cracks it's not hard to fix. I don't know one person that could fix a carbon fiber plate though. Good riding.

I've got the Works Connection plate. Much larger / better coverage than stock. Here's the best view of it...wheelie.jpg:naughty:

Thanks guys....appreciate the informative feedback. Now I must just make a decision.



Nice shot of your bash plate :naughty:

Question...have you bothered with engine guards as well? Cant see in your nice picky if the works guard wraps around the engine as well?

Here are a few closeups of the skid plate.



Here's a pic of the garage ...


And the toys..


Thanks for the close up lilmule.

Hey, I think you need a biger garage. It seems you dont have enough room to work on all your toys. :naughty:

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