Good Start or Overkill?

Hardware kit for my yz426.... Hmmmmmmm


1 kit


2 kits


Who i got the 2nd kit from ...

Where did you find the socket head bolts with the collar? The ones in the bottom left hand corner. I need one!

is that one of those bolt sets they sell on ebay? i've seen complete bolt sets for yz450's on ebay every now and then

Yes, it is a kit off ebay for the 426... they have em there for most makes...

I bought 2 kits...just added double what i had ... :naughty: Ebay... type in yamaha 450 426... the hardware kits will pop up! :naughty:

seaduke ( is the guy who sells those on eaby... maybe he will send you what you need :naughty: wont hurt to email the guy :naughty:....

i was going to ask about the quality of these kits... good bad indiffrent... cuz when i do my rebuild this summer i know im gonna need some new bolts :naughty:

They all "claim" better or meets OEM standards...and these two kits i got...fill the bill. I can't see any issuse with these, as they look well made and are not going to break the bank. We all know cheap parts are a cause for problems, but...I (IMHO) These kits save time, money and are as good as OEM.Not Cheap!

Just my .02 cents....

I will be replacing some on the bike soon, and will let ya know if i run into any problems :naughty:....

Ride on!

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