03 Yz450f

a buddy is getting a deal on an unused YZ450F for cheap.. but I told him I think this is a 4 speed only.. am I right and is there a kit where you can put the WR gearing on it?

Yes, it is a 4 speed. I'm not sure about any kit for WR gearing. I did read a thread here several months ago about swapping out the tranny. Do a search, maybe you'll find it.

yes it is a 4 speed but you dont need the 5th gear......the bikes are so powerful and the gears are set up that on a track you should not be gettin outta 3rd if you get in 3rd at all......i am about to buy a 03 yz450f aswell....hope ur buddy likes it

Yes, it's a four speed, what about it? :naughty:

Just Kidding :naughty:

You can put the WR 5 speed directly into the YZ450, but you'll need the ENTIRE transmission (both shafts, all the gears, forks and a shift drum). About $750. Pretty cool swap, though, for some things.

However, unless you ride only tight trails and enduros, or want to build a big time desert racer, you won't miss the gear.

When geared so that first is the same as first in a YZ426, the bike gives up only 3 mph to the 426, assuming both hit 11,500 in top gear. I have my 450 geared two teeth over stock, and it runs right at 90 on pavement. The gear spacing is just wider, that's all.

The supermoto riders like the 5 speed -

the MX riders like the 4 speed

I wish it had a 3 speed

The magazine opinions on this are just stupid!!!! :naughty:

The magazine opinions on this are just stupid!!!! :D


MXA likes it.

But my favorite was the latest from Dirt Bike, which said something that I was a little surprised to hear from them (I would have expected it from Dirt RIDER). They complained about always being in between gears, and that the trans felt like it had gaps in the gear spacing. Haven't they heard of changing the gearing? Or do they assume that you have to run all these bikes stock? MXA routinely re-gears most of the stuff they ride, how come the rest of them can't figure it out?

I agree with you. If anything, the gear spacing still feels too close, even with the 2 teeth off the back, at least in the first 3 gears. :naughty:

Wooow ! all the replies .. hehe he loves the bike.. It's going to be double duty really .. dirt and supermoto .. personally I have a 6 speed, never really get to see the 6th gear on track.. soon when the races go to Sears point and Altamont race way..

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