Mouse McCoy's Baja 1000 650R

anyone else think 80 bucks for that Baja Designs oil tube is a little steep??

It's worth as much as people are willing to pay. To me it's a bit steep because I know what it takes to make this and I can get the parts of my choosing locally for under $50. For the people who are super busy or don't have access to the parts or just want to be done with it quickly or want a complete package, then it's going to be worth more to them. I don't think $80 is unreasonable, but for the people who have a little time on their hands or who like to tinker and have a local parts supplier, then it may be more worthwhile doing it yourself.


As always, thanks for the input!


Hey, just saw the bike today at Berkeley Honda. The "Dust to Glory" XR650R is the very same bike that won Class 30 in the 2002 Baja 1000. It belongs to Scott Dunlavey--he and Mouse got 3rd overall, I think. They said that the oil tube is from Baja Designs and the footpeg was made by a friend of Scott's at Honda. It looks like the release lever is from an XR600, probably to clear the quick-adjust clutch. Very cool!! :naughty:

That bike's TOO COOL, all it needs is a California plate! I also like the stock handguards, obviously MM doesn't fall or get roosted much...

I too went and saw Mouse's bike yesterday, had a nice talk with Scott. Very cool shop. Lot's of XR650 stuff too. After seeing the bike in person and some of the mods, the oil tube and the footpeg fix are on deck for May.

say -pb1963- the manual compression realise is the black clamp, just right of the clutch lever clamp. it's off an xr 600,400 or something. the lever is pointed down in a blind spot. i grabed my c/r the other day missing the clutchon a nasty hairedover trail dumped the motor right now man. the clutch and c/r combo looks cool but i don't like it for bushwacking trails in montana, i'm thinking of changing it to my 600,400 c/r perch. McCoy's bike is trickshit!

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