Noob needs advice on 86 XR600

Background; just bought my fiance a CRF150 and now I want something to follow her around on.

I just found a 86 XR600 for $300 that has a few problems:

1. Owner thinks the timing chain slipped 180 deg off. Claims it has good compression except it sucks in through the exhaust and blows back through the carbs. He has a friend that is a honda tech that told him to just put a new chain on it and ride it.

2. The front wheel doesn't fit the front fork quite right - his freind ran some part numbers and found the forks are off of a 97 XR400 while the wheel is the stock 600 wheel. Friend suggested using a XR400 hub to make things work out.


So, is it worth the $300 risk? He has all of the parts to complete the bike (except for the 600 forks) - he originaly bought the bike in this contion to build a cheap trail bike - just like me. I'm pretty well versed in chainsaws, er, 2stroke bikes, but I reall yneed some help making my mind up on this.



Sounds and looks like a worthwhile project to me, but check out the transmission. Check out the timing chain and do the top end while you're in the engine. I'd find a whole front wheel assembly for those XR400 forks. They should work fine for you. You can always find a pair of XR600 forks on Ebay down the road, but try to find '91 or newer, since that would keep you in cartridge forks. If you spend $600-800 getting this bike in shape, you'll have a great bike with a fresh top end for a good price. Good luck.

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