Handlebar risers or other route?

Hey everyone...

I am 6'2, and have a 05 450. When standing, I feel like I am not positioned very well with the stock bars. I am thinking about getting some risers to correct this but I am not sure if that is the best way to go or not.

Anyone have any suggestions about risers, or even aftermarket bars (that would be the preferred way).


get some jimmy button hi-bend bars, nice sweep for big guys

A couple hints. Don't know all the details, but you can try to follow them out and see what you find:

- Not sure how high the jimmy button hi-bend bars are, but I got the Pastrana FMX Pro Taper bars. Didn't install them yet, but they were the highest I found and I found a thread in this forum about tall guys saying "never leave home without them" if you are tall. If you make a search for Pastrana FMX or something like that, you should be able to find them. Also, if you use the stock triple clamp, you will need an universal mount kit to go from 7/8" to 1-1/8", so this will also raise the bar a bit in addition to the extra you will get with the taller FMX bar.

-As far as risers, try to search the forum, but I recall a couple of discussions and think someone said Thumper Racing had some, but I think they were only for triple clamps that have removable mounts (a la CRF). Same goes for BRP, I think they are only for T-clamps such as the CRF.

- Also, look in this forum for mods on how to lower your stock pegs. Not sure if the peg setup is different on the 05, but it is likely that the mod will still apply. I haven't done it yet, but I will be doing it in a couple of weeks (03 WR450). I think if you do the mod, it drops the pegs by 1/2" to 3/4", but don't quote me on this.

- I think your last option is to change T-clamp. I'm going with the Pro Taper Rubber mount type so I can reduse the vibrations and move the bars forward. With the Pastrana FMX bar and lowered pegs, it should be pretty comfortable to stand up!! Only problem, my clamp is for YZF, so I have to make a bracket for my light and for the handguards (I want to triple clamp mount my Cycra handguards). Hopefully I'll get around to doing this soon.

Hope this gives you a couple of leads. Check out the Jimmy Button hi-bends suggested by Canuck and compare against the Pastrana. I think there is also a Brian Deggan FMX bar out there made by Factory 909 which is in the same ball park as the Pastrana regarding height.

BTW, I have a Pro Taper P3 clamp (not rubber mounted) for 03 YZ450F new in the box if you know someone than wants one. I got the rubber mount, so I will be selling this one eventually. You can move the bars further forward on the P3 than on the rubber mount. Won't work on your 05 WR450. Also, in case you go with Pro Taper clamp, it is possible to mount a Scotts or GPR damper. I know some of the older forums said you can't, but this year, Pro Taper offers a mount for their clamps (check Tucker Rocky catalogue). That's what I'll be using.

Good luck.


I am 6'6" and I feel your pain! (back pain)

I did what Speed Blitz did also. I replaced the upper tripple clamp with an adjustable clamp, similar to the Pro Taper P3, but a generic brand ($99, same quality and features). I moved the tripple clamp bar adjusters all the way forward, and I also bought wider and higher bend bars, with very little sweep. Then I rotate the bars forward so I can extend my arms, and 'ride over the front end' better. I love the high bend bars, but I wish I went a little higher, like closer to 4 inches. When I finally crash and bend these bars, Ill definatly get taller ones.

The high bend REALLY helps!

I am 6ft 5in and used to ride an 03 DRZ400 with big dr bar risers and button high bars. They raise the bars about 1.5in and push them forward about 1.5in as well. I just picked up an 03 WR450 and some CR High Protpaers and am waiting for this guy to finish the risers for the fatbars on yamahas. Check out his site they work great and he makes a great product. He says that in early April (now) he should have them finished.



I'm 6'3 and ride an '04. First thing I did to it when I got it was to take of the stock bars and put on a set of Renthal Fat Bars (RC high bend). They were the tallest I could find at the time. I also had to install a set of adapters, as I kept the stock clamp. The adapters give you another 3/4" or so of height. It feels much more comfortable now to stand, but I'm going to look into the footpeg lowering mod as well, but the taller bars make a huge difference.

I had a set of those bar risers on my XR years ago. They were just setting in a drawer collecting dust. Talked a buddy into buying a new WR450 about a month ago. He said he felt a little cramped so I suggested he try them out. He's 6'4". Went riding this weekend and he says the bike feels better than anything he's ever ridden with them installed. A bike that finally fits him!

It's a goos way to go if you don't want to change out triple clamps and want to stay with standard size bars. I know I loved having them on my XR and then my DRZ. I would still be running them but I went to fat bars and a Scott's steering dampener. Hope this helps your cause!

Regarding lowering the pegs, get the IMS pro series lowboy pegs. Much better quality than the stockers and you get 3/4" lowering from them. Motosport Outlet has them in stock usually. I got mine from them in 2 days.


I am not all that tall, but I didn't feel at ease on my 03 WR 450. I found a set of bar risers for 7/8 bars at www.genmarmfg.com. They don't show them as fitting the WR specificly, but I called them and they assured me that they would. They did. :naughty: Lots cheaper than a new top clamp. I am using CR hi bend 7/8 Rental bars. The only drawback is that added inch makes it all the harder to do jetting changes, as the cables are at their limit in length.


jim-in-so-ore, can you mount a damper with the www.genmarmfg.com risers that move the bars forward? Is the slot in the link arm on the damper long enough to compensate? I same goes for the risers suggested by Greg_George (http://www.mts.net/~andyj/barrisers/). If you guys don't have dampers, it would be nice to know if someone out there has been succesful in mounting a damper with this riser setup. This would be a much cheaper option than what I have done.

I know if you use Pro Taper, they make an adjustable damper mount on which you can slide the damper forward and backward to compensate for the handle bar position, but this mount won't fit these risers.



I don't have a damper so I guess that I'm no help. :naughty: SORRY.


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