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open air box and were do i buy manual

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Do i have to re-jet my bike with open air box

99 wr stock with stock jetting and stock pipe

wr timing running at sea level. bike runs fine

with open air box but plug looks new like it is

running lean.

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There are a few mods you can do to your bike to make it run better.

Cut the grey wire.

De-octopus and do ALL jetting requirements for this.

Perform the "KL" ("JK") mod to your accelerator pump. The BK mod is for 2000 and newer WR's which have a substantially different carb.

OPTIONAL: YZ timing.

Although the stock jetting on the 99 appears OK, it leaves ALOT of potential hidden.

Taffy has done a BUTT LOAD of jetting work on his 99. Missle out of Switzerland has used Taff's jetting and is quite pleased.

In my opinion, DO IT RIGHT and knock all these out at once. You will never run out of support on this websight to fix your carb glitches.

Use the search feature for de-octopus, gray wire and KL mods. There is an extremely lengthy topic on jetting. Taffy's "signature" spells out his jet specs. Don't be alarmed by his numbers but there is a HUGE difference from stock.

Your "Friendly" local Yamaha dealer can help you w/ your manual. Definitely check out mail order. I DON'T endorse them, but try this: http://www.brocktoncycle.com/. Also call all the shops in the back of MXA, DirtRider, Dirt Bike, etc on best price for your manual.

It is OK Dude on these mods! You WILL be taken care of!

Merry Christmas!!


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