Hey Bryan, do you think you could....uh....

Hey Bryan, I noticed all the forums are color coded at the top to match the colors of the corrosponding machinery that you are riding.(e.g. yellow-DR, red-XR, orange-KTM) Well heres my problem. I ride a yamaha wr but it is yellow. So is there any way you can make the header on my messages yellow instead of blue. I hope this isnt too much to ask since I have never asked for anything before. as-shake.gifas-shake.gifas-shake.gifas-shake.gifas-shake.gifas-shake.gifas-shake.gifas-shake.gifas-shake.gifas-shake.gifas-shake.gifas-shake.gifas-shake.gifas-shake.gifas-shake.gifas-shake.gifas-shake.gifas-shake.gifas-shake.gifas-shake.gif

P.s. Just in case....yes this IS a sarcastic post. he he


Darin from Missouri - 1999 WR 400F

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OK. I'll start a new discussion area with yellow on the title bar. It'll be called 'Milkman WR400'. It might not get too much use though.

Very observant by the way! Isn't technology amazing! :)


Milkman who did you order your yellow plastic from? Yellow Yami is the way to go! Have you seen the video "Time TO Ride" too nice of a Yamaha in there. And some kicka-- offroad/woods riding compements of the Gods!

98XR400&99WR400 Lenexa,KS

Time to Ride is the best dirtbike video i have seen. great trail riding and desert riding in it!

i think it inspired me to buy a WR, along with this group of course!


Sure it would bryan. I talk to myself all the time so why wouldnt I type to myself!

Tige Lamb, I got the plastic from One Industries. And youre right, that is the best riding video on the market. The freestyle thing is played.


Darin from Missouri - 1999 WR 400F

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