Ras. guards/braces recommendations?

What kind of radiator guards or braces have you guys tried and liked?

need something for my 02 xr650r, weight matters not to me, strength and durability are very important cuz i like to go fast and crashin is inevitable!! :naughty:

I've allways liked devol racing products but need some feedback from those who have crash tested various models!!!


Thanks guys


I don't have any braces but I do have the devol guards and like them alot. They are very functional.

I have the Works Conection braces and the left one sucks,its gonna fold the first good tipover, I'm thinkin about trying add the Devol gaurds with the braces...........

The Devols protect from both the front and sides where as the W/C only protects from the side. The Devols block some of the airflow into the radiators while the W/C braces don't. More people have complained about the poor fitment of the W/C braces than with the Devols, but I've had the opposite experiences of most people. The W/C braces I bought years ago bolted up without issue on one of my XR650R's. The Devol guards I bought last year for one of my other XR650R's and a CR250 did not mount up easily and required modification...go figure :naughty:

Qadsan, As you can read above I got the W/C braces and IMO the brace on the Left side will not work very good.............

Do you think the Devol gaurds and W/C braces will interlock somehow and work together........fab work maybe......... :naughty: wondering....

Qadsan, I had zero issue mounting up my devol "guards". Braces are a different story. Yes they do block some airflow but have you ever looked at your machine from the front. Check out how much air the old school accordian fork boots block. I'd say about 75% of airflow when going straight. I went with SRC's mudskins and fork guards. Look trick and they are functional. They are only as wide as the forks too so airflow isn't really diminished. Sorry for the hijack...

hijack nothing this is what i need to know.

and sorry for the poor typing "RAS" guards gonna get rassed for that!!

I think i really need guards and braces, and my bike runs really cool as is. i'm actually surprised, this being my first water cooled bike.


Judging from you avatar you ride wide open areas. Here in New England it's tight with a few straight-aways to let her breather. The cooler I can keep her the better....for me anyways.

of course...

in lo-cal its pretty much the dez here or the dez in mexico!

actually there are some single tracks and some places with good trail riding around san diego.

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