XR 650L Rear Wheel bearings - How to remove bearing retainer

Does it screw off with some sort of lever with pins in it or do you just hit it out from the other side, thanks

Honda has a four pin spanner tool to unscrew the drive side retainer, similar tools are available aftermarket for around $30. I used a simple Park tools bicycle spanner but had difficulty removing the retainer. Honda punches between the retainer and hub threads in several locations to prevent the retainer from backing out.

Took the wheel to my friendly dealer. The nice mechanic said "looks like someone has been trying to remove this; I drill out the punches so the threads don't get ripped out when I remove the retainer." He did the job for $60 with Honda bearings and seals. :naughty::naughty:

That s agood price for that work cuz that retainer is a pain!!!

Get the tool or take it in, dont try removing with a punch and hammer, my technician says so!!!

good luck


I used a pr. of offset needle nose pliers to remove mine. The retainer is made of VERY SOFT aluminum. A punch and hammer will surely destroy it.

I'm sure Honda made it this way on purpose as you either have to ante up for the tool, or take it to a dealer.

Many dealers will let you borrow the tool, or take it off for free, if you are purchasing bearings.



I bought the 2 tools from Honda to do the job on my 2001 L .The retainer never unscrewed smoothly when I got it the retainer off finally, I looked down and saw

all my hub threads mangled and messed up .I carefully with the help of some picks 1 by 1 rethreaded my hub it took a long time .I thought the hub was toast!. Some threads were crossed threaded and some were filled with the

retainer aluminum that had no threads left .It all worked out in the end .

I filled the hub with bearing grease, installed my new parts used a socket and taped the new bearings in.


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