wr450 04 graphics?

I am after some pre cut side panel decals as well as some airbox graphics for my wr50 04 model.

Any ideas where I can source them that will ship to the UK?

Cheers :naughty:

Take a look at the latest ORO catalogue, I think there are some decentish graphics for the '04 in there, failing that check out Rocky mountain atv, I've had stuff shipped from them to the UK before and it doesn't cost too much.

A word of warning tho' I got some pre-cut side panel decals from ORO for a YZF450 and while the RHS fits my 04 WRF450 well, the LHS seems totally the wrong shape..!

..still not got to the bottom of that yet.

I think the panels on the YZF are different as the airbox is a different shape.

BTW someone said by fitting the YZF airbox saves 2lb in plastic alone!! How can that be!!

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