XR650L break in

The manual says 300 miles for break in! I find that hard to believe! when should I do the first oil change - I feel compelled to do one at 300 miles just to get the "break in" crap out of it... if any :-)

Ride it like you stole it!!! It won't break!! Do the oil change and you'll be fine. Took mine out of the dealership and did 90 mph all the way home had 100 miles on her the first day. They are bullet proof. Trust me I've tried to break mine. 4k first year and no problems since or ever.

I agree with jlpskydiver, I uncorked mine and jetted it before riding it and then rode hard from the first mile. Wheelies, hard accelerations, top speed all withing the first 10 miles and haven't slowed down since. These things are bulletproof. Keep the oil clean and valves adjusted and she'll treat you nice in return.

someone posted a link on the drz forum about engine break in. it says run the hell out of it to seat the rings. i would try a search on it or ask someonre to post the link again at the drz forum. hope this helps jack

I did my first oil change at 50 miles, oils cheap compared to a engine... :naughty:

I suggest submerging the BRP while running with only 150 miles on it. That's what I did to mine and it runs great.

Hey thanks for all the replies! I plan on changing the oil this weekend! and using Castrol 20-50W and a fesh filter of course! only mods done so far to my new toy is a Baja Designes skidplate and acerbis front brake and fork guards. Wana uncork it after warranty is over. I also have a new Uni filter to install - don't think I need to worry about any jetting changes just going to a foam filter vice the paper one. Feels strong in stock form but cold blooded and LEAN pops back alot.. I had a 1987 XL600R and sometimes think it felt stonger? The 650L is a neat bike though and I love it!

I also have a 1974 XL-350, 1972 XL-250 and a 1975 XL-175 and 125. I like to restore and ride the old vinatge XL's and believe that my XR650L is a great grandson of the original XL line. :-)

How do you change your aviatar?

Once you uncork your bike you will unlock the beast from within and gone will be the days you thought your xl600 had more power. Everything from starting, backfiring, and torque will improve especially if you go with an aftermarket exhaust that breathes (usually more noise however). It made a huge difference in my 05 L. Just gave mine a bath yesterday, tried to cross a swamp that was swampier than I thought. What a blast! Ride on my friend.

Yup, I think once I uncork it There will be a notable difference in performance. I would like to go with a Yoshimura Exhaust, remove the snorkle, smog crap, and reject with a Baja designs carb kit, Uni foam filter.

Stock it is strong, but takes me back to days of the XL600R - and especially in midrange you think hmmmmm not much difference and granted it is only 50cc larger in displacement...always heard the XL600R is stronger due to the dual carbs mostly.

Talk about differences though, ride the 05 XR650L and then hop onto my 1972 XL-250 or 1974 XL-350 ah, yea........technology has defintely moved on.

Do the jetting first. The thing comes off the showroom floor so lean already that any mods done before the jetting almost make it worse.

And you know all along I thought I was hurting it riding it at 45-55 MPH....

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