Need part # for #60 leak jet.

I can't find the thread that everyone was talking about the jetting on the 2000 YZF426. I remember that it was recommended to install the #60 leak jet to get rid of the low end bog. The idiots at my local dealership don't know what I'm talking about so they said to get the part #. Thanks guys.

That was actually a thread gone wild! The 2000 doesnt have a leak jet. The person responding was referring to a 450's carb, though the person with the problem was talking about a 2000. It caused a lot of confusion and had people ordering parts they cant use.

That would explain why I didn't see it listed on th carb. part page. So, do you know what the solution is to getting rid of the low end bog on the 426? Thanks in advance.

Check the accelerator pump and see how well its spraying. I had the same problem and it had a plugged spraybar.... and getting it unplugged was a pain.

The BK/GB mod, an adjustable fuel screw, a JD jetting kit and patience.

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