Anybody have a BIG GUN head pipe.....

Anybody have a BIG GUN head pipe for there 650. and do you have any pictures?

it looks like the left pipe runs in the frame instead of out front.

must be close tolerance

i wanna see some pics!

nice pic.

how is the performance on that system?

and the fit?

It is a very tight fit! The left cyl exhaust pipe is 'cheated' a bit where it connects to the cylinder head. It actually touches the stud on the right cylinder mount flange.

I can't speak to the performance as I only ran the drilled-out stock setup for one short ride.


come on...... nobody else

Tirebiter, what do you use on your forks, are those seal savers or what. And how to they work for mud and dust?? I have a Big Gun pipe but personally don't care for it or the engineering, If I have to replace it would look elseware but again thats my opinion.

i have a Big Gun sitting in a pile next to the cracked cases, bent valves and worn sprockets...that pipe barely lasted a season. i think i lost 1-2 horsepower when it was on. Sure was loud...poorly fitting, prone to leakage, often re-packed, tarnished, and not cheap. Did i mention it was annoyingly loud and rattled to pieces after a few thousand miles?

I have my Big Gun race series headers and silencer out in the shed. The fit was terrible, the pipes cracked, the silencer literally fell apart and leaked.

Power was no good! Flattened the entire rpm range lessening the punch of the 650R. Ruined the normally massive low-end torque, no matter how the bike was jetted, and, last but not least, it was annoyingly loud and raspy.

PIECE OF JUNK those big gun pipes. Dont waste your money dude.

Here is a pic of my bike two years ago after I had somehow forced the pipes to fit on there, but the silencer mounting bracket would not line up anywhere close to fitting it's mount on the frame.

Also included is a pic of my bike as it appears now, in April '05, with the excellent stock headers back on.



Dayum, you gotta dump that a few times! It looks like its never been ridden!


wow thanks for the input.

maybe a XR only pipe?

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