Stripped out out crankcase cover

I managed to strip out the top right oil fliter recepticle. I tried to run a helicoil in, but it is so recessed i can't get the tab off. Does any one have any suggestions? I remember seeing a helicoil that was countersunk but I can't remember who makes them. Crankcase cover is $180 and loking for cheaper option.

The upper right is the longest of the three bolts, right? That goes all the way through to the crankcase. Remove the engine cover and installing your helicoil will be much simpler.

The countersunk thread repair insert is a Time-Sert

They're pretty cool; a definite improvement, but you would most likely need to remove the cover in any case to install one.

Yep , what grey said . Ive used the time-sert and they are way better IMO espeacialy in an application where you may take the fastner in and out repeatedly.I used it for a stripped out oil drain plug in a CR. I know its a smoker , a friends smoker. :naughty::naughty:

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