05 WR450 Cam Question

Can you move the exhaust cam back 1 tooth to get YZ timing?

Searched for the answer but only found info on other years, didn't find anything on the 05.

No, you can't do that with the auto-decompression cams.

Well, you CAN, but you will lose the auto-decompression feature.

If you want YZ timing, you have to get the YZ cam.

Good luck! I have the YZ cam in my WR426, bike starts like a champ, and rips!

Bummer, I was hoping it still could be done. Well I guess it can but you have to use the decomp level on the handle bar.

Well, actually you can do it but you must press the sprocket off and back on the cam in the YZ timing position. The YZ cam is the easiest way though. I'm kinda leery of punching the sprocket on and off a bunch of times. For my own peace of mind I'd spot weld the sprocket to the cam when it was right.

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