just uncorked my pig :eek:

i've now been the proud owner of my brp for a week now and i'm pretty much used to how it handled in stock strangled form.

So as a follow up to a couple of previous posts this evening i started the uncorking i changed the rubber air carb collar popped in new 175 jet ,larger , collet needle and the 68s emulsion tube plus ripped off the snorkel and airbox blank, kicked her over and WOOOOOOOOOOOOWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!! :cry::naughty::naughty::D:D

popped a wheelie in first and second straight off the drive...............

this is a seriously different bike with the uncorking done i havnt as yet changed or drilled the exhaust tip as i'm still waiting for the hrc insert part

all i can say is what a brilliant machine thanks to everyone so far for all the advise.

next project is to fit the HRC tip and drill the airbox cover

cheers for now James :D

Did the same thing last night and I am sorry for all the doubt. Just the ease of starting is worth it alone. The power that it now has is unbeliveable it was fast before but now it screams. How could I have waited so long to do this. Thanks to all who have posted info on this and thanks to THE PIG PEN and XR650R.NET

congratulations........ :naughty::naughty::D

Glad to hear the happiness......... :naughty:

Great Deal man!!! But, I'm telling you, the HRC 40mm exhaust tip is a must! Power will improve dramatically after you install the HRC tip (since you have already done all the other mods). And keep your stock headers, they are actually quite good, and provide superb low-end and mid-range performance, which translates into extremely potent acceleration.

If you live at an elev. of below 1000', try this for even more power. Run a 180 main jet, B3E needle in 3rd clip position, airbox drilled! Now, take the HRC exhaust tip, and cut that spark arrestor completely off where it joins the bell reducer exit area. Now, run some high octane fuel, and hang on!

Results: Low-end torque is increased noticeably, mid-range surges harder, top-end, which was non-existent, is now fairly decent.

None of the above mods will hurt the reliability of this engine, it's tough, and will hold up to years of hard riding.

Good luck with it whatever you do and have fun


'00 XR650R/uncorked/jetted/street legal


Nice! I was a skeptic at first too but as soon as you do it...you're like "dude try my bike, it's nucking futs!"...

Big Red Pigs are keepers. I've had lots of bikes, but I've never had one I liked as much as my 650R.

Total keeper. I'll never sell it and it'll probably outlast me.

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