Tyre WeaR

Quick question my pig's now done 340 miles off and on road with the stock dunlop tyre i recon now its been fully uncorked the tyre will only last a coupkle more weeks

how do other peoples tyres fair?

James :naughty:

Not good, I just about put on a new tire everytime i gas up. I use the Dunlop 756, it gets good traction but only lasts about 100 miles

I've got about 280 on my stocker. I figure that my 120 mile ride planned for this Fri will be the last for that donut.

Pavement really eats up the non DOT rubber. Stay on the dirt and leave the smokey burnouts for your streetbike.

The Cheng Shin on my XR600 has about 500 offroad miles on it. It was wearing pretty well until I took the bike out to Stoddard last saturday. Lost a few knobs on that trip. I may get another ride or two out of it.

With all that torque, The BRP is definitly a rear tire eater......... :naughty::naughty:

Tore nobbles off mine when I had dirt tyres on while practising wheelies!

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