Factory effects Graphics Kits

I put my order in! I call them about something else and they say they're no longer in stock! Sorry to waist our time

I took a look at them. They say '04 TE570, Will these fit right on an '04 TE450 or 510? $65, not bad and they look pretty good too. Thanks for the tip. Think they would fit a CR125?

No longer in STOCK good thing I called regarding something else! Update the website is all I can say to Motorhelmets.com. :naughty::naughty:

Yeah, if anyone gets a set for an 04 TE or TC 450 please report on how well they fit. Photos get you bonus points..!

The fit is spot on but I haven't been able to find any since the last lot I got from Australia, after a few hours surfing.

Here is my old TE250...

TE250 with Factory Effex

Really nice bike York :naughty:

Just got a OEM graphics kit for my 04 by N-Style from Dan at motoxotica. Looks pretty much like stock, down to the 100 anniversary red number plates. Decent price too at around $70.

Arjay, thanks for the tip on the graphics on Ebay. I got them for seventy some dollars. I thought they looked really good on the Yorks TE250. I like the black. I really didn't need them but I knew I would someday so I got them to stash away for whenever I sell or I tear up the OEM ones.

Anyway, they show up and they have Factory Effex written all over them. I hate that shit. I don't like advertising for anyone unless they pay me or give me stuff. I'm not the kind of guy who puts manufacturers stickers on my bike. I take them off if the aftermarket part comes with their logo on it. I'm looking at them trying to decide how to cut the logos off.

Oh well the black does look good.

Maybe I'll put them back on Ebay?? Anybody know of a different source for others?


Subjective thing. I agree about stuff with logos all over them. The FE have a down facing line to the design, like the 04 oem. The 01-03 oem graphics face upwards following the line of the shrouds. I personally think the 03 is the best of the bunch.

I hate for my first post to be a complaint, BUT

Husky Rabbit is right, Motohelmets.com is terrible. I just got my bike and needed a helmet. They don't update their site, but what's worse is that they won't let you know that your order is coming incomplete. I waited 2 weeks to get a pair of gloves and goggles. They didn't even include an invoice, so I had to call to find out they charged me $20 shipping. So much for the "cheapest ground shipping" option. If they won't even quote you shipping prices online, then expect to be Shafted.


That pisses me off and I'm going to let them know how disappointed we are when my small order comes in(visor & misc). I told the guy on the phone, call me when the order comes in and I'll stop by and pick it up. They do have some great prices but, customer service is vital to keeping my business. Thanks for the update Styles. My order should be available Friday I'll keep you posted

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