Looking for a #100 PAJ

I've tried all the regular sources, Sudco, Bike Bandit, Zannotti's, you name it, but they all say they are currently unavailable :naughty: . Anybody out there have one that they'd be willing to part with? Many thanks...SC

You mean to tell me nobody has one just lying around in their spare parts bin? I'll pay you top dollar for it!...SC

I ordered mine from Montclair Yamaha... only took 2 days to get in.

Are you sure they're understanding what you're asking for? Did you request by part number, or just ask for the PAJ?

Look up the part number on the fische at http://parts.yamaha-motor.com/

Your stock jet is a #80, which is 5TA-14943-19-00

My stock jet is a #70, which is 5TA-14943-15-00

YZ450F stock jet is a #100, which is 5TA-14943-27-00

Same for the YZ250F, so you would need to order a 5TA-14943-27-00

Oh yeah, I went by part number. I've talked to my local dealer and they said it was backordered. Not to mention, they wanted $14 for the damn thing! I think I may have found one through White Bros. for $3 so we'll see. If it's wrong, then I'm only out $3 right? I can't believe that dealers don't have things like this as regularly stocked items. I can get 700 different types of oil or brake levers, but not something crucial to the proper operation of the bike :naughty: ...SC

If the WB part isn't correct, give Montclair Yamaha a call and see if they'll do a mail order for you. You could also check the TT store now that they do OEM parts.

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