Just Busted Front Brake Line

I just looped out and busted my front brake line. The cyrca pro-bend bark busters don't help upside down. I had my brake line turned up to get the line to clear the cyrca tripple clamp mount. Mistake :naughty:

I wan't to go back with a CR style brake line, any suggestions on a well designed CR style front brake line for a '03WR450.

I need one fast.....:naughty:


welcome to the club,i too had mine turned up for clearance issues. :naughty: snapped it off on a rock. i rode for 2 days like that,i was amazed at how well i could still ride with only back brakes. good practice for rear brake control :D it was a ride enineering CR routed and am replacing it with another,just mounted the right way this time! they gave me a good deal when i told them i broke mine,good service. :naughty:

Ditto on Ride Engineering. I am very happy with my front brake line and it is 2 years old and working great! :naughty:

NCMountainman rode awesome this last weekend TT ride at Brown Mountain without a front brake until he banged his head on a double trunk fallen tree and passed out for a split second and crashed hard on his side like a sack of potatoes! :D He is one tough dude! :naughty:

Ride Engineering it is :naughty:

How was Brown Mountian? I'm thinking either there or Brushy Mountian the 22nd - 24th.

Thanks Guy's


if its rained just before go to brown,if its dry go to brushy :naughty: just look out for those dang trees at brown :naughty:

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