Cool People

Yesterday I screwed up big time. Left the truck lights on while out on a 6 hour motorcycle ride. Dead battery in the desert - only vehicle in sight - getting late - tired and want to go home.

What to do?

My buddy and I hopped back on the bikes and started riding down the highway looking for anything we could find. After about 5 miles of nothing, a small automotive garage appears. Inside I find a guy winding up his workday. I tell him about my predicament and he hands me a brand new car battery and some jumper cables. Tells me he was closing soon but would wait for me to return the battery.

I shoved the jumper cables into my backpack while my friend cradled the battery with his legs on his seat. Minutes later my truck was running while we loaded up and in no time headed back to the garage. Last night a very cool person got drunk on me!

I believe in cool people!

My two buddies ran out of fuel (2 smokes) at Octollio Wells (desert) late one afternoon. Fortunately, some guy nearly filled up both bikes (we ended up not too far from his camp). When we offered to pay him, he said "Ah, no problem!" Cool guy. Also, I had over 1/2 tank left in my IMS! Four strokes rule!

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Bryan, Friends dont let friends ride 2 strokes. :)


Darin from Missouri - 1999 WR 400F

I didn't say they are good freinds! :) So many "Dudes" in Southern California. You can't convert them all! :D

[This message has been edited by Bryan Bosch (edited 11-06-2000).]

Can you specify which service station this guy was operating? It doesn't hurt to patronize friends and cool people when we get a chance.

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