Picture request

I'm about to buy a new set of jersey and pants. I like the Mach Series from Shift and especially with the color grey. I'm not interested in the blue stuff 'cause that's what I've got right now, time for a change. I'd like to see a picture of someone dressed in grey on a yamaha please! Thanks. :naughty:

I understand you want to look good out there. But sheesh! do you really care THAT much? Do you really have to see it ON the bike?

Thanks for your input...Yak but yes I care and yes I want to see the mix of grey and blue before spending couple hundred dollars on something that everybody's gonna look at... :naughty:

Got a copy of Photoshop? :naughty:

Got a copy of Photoshop? :naughty:

That'll sort it out.

Cloute - any particular pose you would like the wearer in :naughty:

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