05 450 gearing?

It is time to replace the chain rings, what gearing are you running. I am stock right now (14x51), I used to run 14X47 on my 03 450 but I cant remember where that was compared to stock. I think they changed the internal gears between those years. I am thinking of gearing up a tooth in the rear (going to a 50) so I am not between gears so much. What is every one else doing?

I thought 14/50 was stock for 05. I do believe internal ratios were changed for 05, so 14/50 on a 05 is different than 14/50 on a 04. My boy runs 14/50 for most tracks, but ranges between 14/49 and 14/52.

The gearing for the 05 is 14 front and 51 rear. Just did some changing on mine.

I run on a small track and found I couldnt use most of 3rd gear. So I geared it lower, 13/50 Now I just worry about two gears, 2nd and 3rd. Its pulls harder with my 215 lb. butt out of the really tight corners now in 2nd and one click up and I'm to the next corner before one click down. I guess it depends on the size of the track you ride the most. I still carry my 14/51 gears and a spare chain with me, in case I want to experiment a little........

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