What Tire Preasure you guys run????????

I was wondering what kinda tire preasure you guys are running, and what type of surface you run it on. My last three rides I have been playing with different settings and just when think I like it, it never seems perfect. Just wondering if you guys know something I dont.

14-15 in the front and 11-12 in the rear seems to work o.k. for me. :naughty:

20/22. oh but then you probably mean for those skinny tires with the funny bumps on em :naughty:

20 front 15 back for rocky stuff, 15 front and 12-15 back for regular dirt.

14-15 front 6-8 in back... I dont reccomend anything under 8psi out back without 2 rimlocks and a TeraFlex to help support the bike and keep from dinging a rim. I like about 9-11 for the back tire with a "normal" tire.

Trail riding I'm around 12 front and rear.. When I race I'll bump it up to a 15 up front and a 13 in the rear..

10 rear, 14 front. Softer stuff, 8 rear and 10 front. Lots of rocks, more air to save my rims! :naughty:

10 to 11 rear, 11 to 15 front.... in almost all situations....street, dirt, mud, hard pack, rocks... I'm a no fuss guy....

I ride a ton of rock hills in the desert....it's very challenging.

I use 10 up front to "feel" the rocks and 12 in the rear.

And yes I've tacoed my rimes before!!

15-16 front, 13-15 rear. Terrain? Every kind of. Rocks, mud, sand...

14 psi in front and 12 psi in back. I ride mostly desert

14 front 12 back,, i ride fast fireroads and desert

Depends on what tire and tubes I'm using. I have a Kenda Millville on the rear of my WR400 and its weight is 13.5 Lbs with the stiffest carcass I've ever felt. I only need to run about 8-6 lbs with a HD moose tube. The Michelin S-12 on my WR280 weighs 11 lbs and they are comparable in size. Sooooooo :naughty: my point is on that tire it feels softer and flexes way more at 13 lbs of air then the Kenda-rock :naughty: at 8lbs. I run Michelin M-12s up front with HD tubes at about 14lbs on both bikes.

12 psi front and rear for mixed terrain trails.

S12 in front

Maxis IT in the rear

Use to run about 10 - 12 front and back, but got tired of denting rims. Run 14 now with various DOT knobbies. Haven't seen a dent since.

15 both ends! (Nobbys on dirt)

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