Uncork and Edelbrock First Ride Report

Here's a quick ride report from me - a newbie XR650R pilot...

I took my new (to me) XR650R out to the Central Oregon desert last weekend for my first day of riding it on the dirt and sand.

My XR is all uncorked except for the stock exhaust tip that's still in. Last week I just bolted on the new Edelbrock too. So, I take it out for my morning trail ride with my bro who rides a KLX400s. We're out riding around and I'm getting used to the BRP. I like it, but was not impressed with the power with the stock tip at all. It gives NO POWER and my bro was schooling me. Not good. :naughty:

So, I whip out the old crescent wrench again and un-bolt the stock exhaust tip and put it in my CamelBak. OK, I fire it up and take off. The bike now hauls FREAKING @#$%&!!! Absolutely stellar power and I'm having a blast railing through the desert trails and leaving my bro behind in a cloud of dust.

Nothing will slow the beast down, not deep sand, not sandy hills... NOTHING. The power blasts through anything, and by now I can't wipe the smile off my face I'm havin' so much fun. (It's a bit loud, but there's noone out there for miles.)


But it feels a little lean in the low to mid RPM's and has definite powerband that kicks in at higher RPM's. So I go back to camp for lunch and get out the wrenches to dial in the Edelbrock.

Here's what it needed:

Use the clicker adjuster on top of the carb to richen the mixture a bit. It dials in the low to mid fuel delivery. It clicks like a suspension adjuster (read the manual on how to use it). I clicked mine 4 clicks richer - 4 clicks clockwise.

Now the thing has MUCHO power at LOW to MID RPM's and pulls like a FREIGHT TRAIN from idle to WFO!!! :D

Whoa, this is one fun bike.


Tomorrow my Yoshimura slip-on will arrive so I can keep the noise down and not scare the bambis or sandal wearin' hippies too bad.

I'm lovin' it... :D


Glad to see you made out well. The edelbrock is my next goodie. My bank account is still hurtin' from the winter though.

I'm a sandal wearing hippy, and I'm the one that recommended the Edelbrock.

I cant hear bikes anyway, my guitar is too damn loud.

Now, go to a 15/45 gearing and let that RUN!

Right on Frogman,

You did recommend the Edelbrock and it rocks. Thanks. :naughty:

I'll post some pics later of the bike with the Edelbrock and Yosh Muffler. :naughty:

I agree, the Edelbrock is it.. :naughty::naughty:

My first ride with my Edelbrock will be tomorrow....... :D

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