Skid Plates

Does any one use an aftermarket skid plate on there BRP if so which one fits the best? There are quite a few to choose from. :naughty:


I just put the XR's Only skid plate on mine. Fits great.

I got the moose baja one for mine. Great coverage. I saw the SRC one on their site the other day. I think they wanted $174.95 for it. I was like &%$#@!?!!

I bought the SRC one and put it on one time and it did not seem to have tall enough coverage, say if you dropped your bike on some granite rocks.

The sides are too low. Basically it is sitting in my garage in a box. It is very well made and would be good for desert riding, but I would not trust it in super rocky conditions.

Anyone wanna buy it? I waited way too long to try to return it.

So what do I have now?

I'm using the stock one with a peice of carbon fiber on the bottom to protect against sharp rocks. Not too many miles on it yet.

I'll probably get one that Utah sport cycle makes.

or this one

even though they slammed it for having incorrectly drilled holes.

hope this helps

Desmo, how much?

a guy who could figure out how to make these:


work in conjunction with a stock skid plate would be my hero.

I put a Baja Designs on mine, needed to take off the front framework piece for fitting. Looks good and functional and work well.

2005 XR650L

Moose, simple install and full coverage, only about 60 bucks.The Honda crew swear by the stock plate. they claim it's safe enough and does not cause vibration like the aluminum skidplates.

I've stayed witht he stock one.

I've hit it pretty freak'n hard and no problems. I did find a chunk missing from it though and had to repalce it. I just went for the stock plate again.

Cheaper and works good, IMO.

i bought a xr,s only plate like it but does change the sound of the bike a little till ya get used to it .as for the stock one ive already hit some rocks and im glad i had it on over the stock one !!!!!

Am I the only one on here who is using stock skid plate on 650R? I have many miles of very gnarly and rocky trips with stock and have never broken anything. I don't even think the Baja racers replace skid plates.

Now with my XR400 and KDX220 and many other bikes in the past I have always installed better skid plate but I see no need to replace the stock plastic guard on the 650R. It is very tough.

Am I the only one on here who is using stock skid plate on 650R?...

On my 2nd 650r, I used the stock skid plate and it is very tough, but it wore through after a while. I've since replaced it with another stocker and it will probably last a good bit longer since the bike is mainly used for simple d/s now. My $50 WB aluminum skid plate on my other 650r is scratched to heck on the bottom, but its still going strong.

a guy i know only had about 200 miles on his new xr650r when he cased a rock in some woops and put a hole in the bottom of both case halves. hundreds of dollars later, he added the 65 dollar skid plate and told me its the best 65 you could spend.

you decide??????????

My stock plastic piece of crap was gone only after a few rides; plastic just doesn't make a very good plate. I have the Baja Designs one, which is similar to the Utah one. I LOVE the plate, except its kind of a pain to get on and off with the whole little clamping system it uses. I wish it would bolt into the factory location. But, I've ridden that thing through the v-notches of walker valley, and the rock fields of taneum, and that plate as been bashed, scratched, and even dented, but has held strong. Hate to see what the plastic one would look like after all that.

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