Thank You Thumpertalk!

I just wanted to thank everyone at thumpertalk for all the great information on here. I have been lurking the site for a couple years but never needed to post, i have always found the answers to my questions.

my last bike was a yz426 and i loved it but i just didnt have time to ride it anymore so i stopped riding for abour a year

late last week i got a wild hair up my ass and wanted a new bike so i went down to my local shop and saw the wr450. my step father rides a wr400 i felt he was due for a new ride so i picked up two 05 wr450s. he was absolutely thrilled when he got home from work.

when i purchased the bike i didnt even think about test rideing because i had recentley ridden my step dads 400 so i figured the 450 would have plenty of power. well i thought wrong when i rode the bike that night, it could barely get out of its own way.

so i immediately logged on to thumper talk to find all the free mods i hadnt been into dirt bikes for about a year so i had no idea about the mods that were possible

so that night i was able to get most of the mods done and i recieved my jd jet kit and ais removal kit today got everything installed

the bike RIPS thanks guys i appreciate all the information

Great story and let me be the first to say your one hell of a son to buy your dad a bike like that, only one piece of advice I have then I will let others get in: since you were gracious enough to buy the ole man a bike he must treat you like a son, call him dad not step dad :naughty: .

great Story, welcome to Thumper Talk, Nice first post.


I wish I had a son like you. :naughty:

That's great because I have to pay for all my sons crap. Good job man!! :naughty:

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