What are the best Cams for a 1999 WR400?

I have a really modified WR400 with a basically stock valve-train, and almost everything else has been modified or replaced with aftermarket stuff. What are the best cams to buy? Is There a better modification for the price than replacing the cams? Would a YZF426 intake cam and a YZF450 exhaust cam work better than aftermarket cams? I want as much power and torque as possible. :naughty:

Thanks in advance, Daniel

Check HotCamshafts web site. I put one of their auto deco cams in my 01426 and it was a great mod. Not the cheapest but a really nice cam.

I have a 00' WR400F with a completely stock engine and an FMF Q Muffler and I was looking to get some more power to hang with my 426 and 450 buddies. Is a cam the best way to go. I looked at the hotcam website and they said that the cams worked better on the 426. Is a cam the best mod for a 400? I'm looking for more midrange to topend power but I don't want to loose my power at the lowend of the powerband.

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