Hitch Mounted Hauler


I'm looking at bringing a hitch hauler in from the states to the UK as i'm not able to look at one before i buy i'd like youre opinions on these types of carriers please as it'll cost me almost the same cost for shipping as the hauler so i want to get it right!

the haulers i'm looking at are the ultimate mx hauler http://www.ultimatemxhauler.com/index.php

and this one http://motojackrack.com/index.html

any one tell me which to go for? from experience



while I have never owned one, a guy I met at the bike shop one day had a Moto Jack Rack, and loved it, said it was better than some previous brand he had owned ... I e-mailed Moto Jack Rack regarding the max. capacity, and was told 350-pound max weight, so I changed my mind ... my XR650L with some gear would max it out, according to them ... :naughty:

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