Hitch Hauler


I'm looking at bringing a hitch hauler in from the states to the UK as i'm not able to look at one before i buy i'd like youre opinions on these types of carriers please as it'll cost me almost the same cost for shipping as the hauler so i want to get it right!

the haulers i'm looking at are the ultimate mx hauler http://www.ultimatemxhauler.com/index.php

and this one http://motojackrack.com/index.html

any one tell me which to go for? from experience



I made my own hitch hauler and I love it.It is the best way to haul a bike. :naughty:

I have the Joe Hauler Hitch. It has a flat ramp that mounts paralell to your rear bumper, and only costs $175. Its kind of heavy to haul back to the uk.

Take photos to your local welder.

I use the Dave Cooper bike rack for my BRP....does the job OK but awkward to lift the bike up into as a.the bike is heavy and b. its high up on the back of a Land Rover... :naughty:

i intend to mount mine on the rear of my Landrover


See attached photo`s of my bike when I first got it.I drove from N.Ireland to England to pick it up. I used the Dave Cooper bike rack as can be seen with no problem regarding bending of same or swaying when driving.My friend who has a Defender 90 County,in his application,the rack works better as the spare wheel acts as a `spacer` so the bike gets tie-downed whilst leaning against it with a small cushion as padding to stop scraping of the plastics.I trust this helps in some way :naughty:

(I have even spotted a County 110 with 2 racks on...one on the front off the front chassis rails and one as normal on the back!!!..bizarre)



I have the older version of the ultimate MX hauler and I love it. I use mine with a Chevy Suburban and I probably have 20,000+ miles on it. I've never had a problem other than the shaft of the jack corroding a little from Snow and salt. As I type this, I'm looking out my window and my 250 is on the jack right now. I highly reccomend these types of carriers!


3 of my riding buddies have the MotoJackRacks. Each of them went through the same cycle of initially being nervous about the idea of "hanging" the bike off the back of the vehicle, only to grow very comfortable over time with them and now would never go without them. As I soon cover the bed of my pickup truck with a topper (enclosed shell) I will likely buy a Moto Jack Rack.

I put a shell on my Nissan, then added a carpet kit to that. Rather than taking off the shell and carpet kit, or getting a trailer, (which would be more expensive AND require a place to store it...which I don't have) I bought an Ultimate Hauler and a class III hitch.

The hitch has the added benefit of not lowering my legal speed limit like a trailer would. I hope it works like you guys say.

Thats a lot of weight for a Nissan, even a 4x4. I had one I know. Take it easy on the corners.

I will. I am hoping to replace the XL600 with something a bit lighter...maybe a DRZ400E. I'd sell my Prelude to buy one since I never drive it, but my mom has been driving it since October when her Ford Tempo blew a head gasket.

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